Hi, I’m Jonah, an amateur writer/blogger with over 50 years of living experience.  I’ve worn many different hats and walked through several different seasons of life that were filled with difficult circumstances and adventurous moments.  I enjoy retelling my ‘stories’ to friends, family, and strangers and have been told by almost everyone that I talk to that I should ‘write a book’– I guess you can say writing a blog for me is like I’m wading into the ocean of that possibility, and I’ll just have to see how far I go.

I love God, and I’m learning to love people. I’ve lived an interesting, somewhat adventurous life, and now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, I’m finally starting to see the beauty in how it all comes together to create a wonderful journey to share with others.

I view the world around me through the lens of Truth found in the Holy Bible. I try to see people the way that Jesus does, while at the same time, try to afford myself that same grace as I continue living one day at a time in a world that is broken and lost without Him.

I enjoy outdoor activities, quality time with friends and family, laughter, and quiet times of reading, thinking, and writing. I find my inspiration from other people’s stories and experiences, and I gain happiness and fulfillment when I encourage others to look to God to find their peace and hope in Him. I have a simple motto; Live fully in the present, Laugh often and Love sincerely.

I think my title and tagline pretty much describes me and the reason I write, and I hope that the thoughts and stories that I share here accomplish the goal of  encouraging others by sharing words of Truth, Hope, & Love, and if there is laughter too, well, that’s just the cherry on top, so to speak.

I like interaction so I welcome comments, tips, and advice.