Blow the Dust Off

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write anything. Sadly, I’ve probably had time but chose not to do anything meaningful with the time I had. I’m hoping that I can break that bad habit and begin to do more meaningful, worthwhile things with whatever time I have left. After all, life is short and who wants an epitaph that reads, “She was here and now she’s gone. Not much more to say.”

We moved recently, and after the move, I found an old box that was all dusty. I knew what was inside and was looking forward to opening it up and reminiscing, but before I did, I blew the dust off and wiped it down. You’re probably wondering what was inside, and simply put– memories. Cards that had been given to me by people who hold a special place in my heart. I save them because I enjoy remembering and reflection. The reason I write is the same; I enjoy looking back and reading through the thoughts of different seasons and experiences of life. So, I’m dusting off the keyboard (and my mind) and hopefully getting back to spending my time in a bit more productive way.

Here’s to the writer in all of us! Cheers!