Itching Ears

The only way to live in freedom is to live in the Truth.


Related imageIn 2 Timothy chapter 4, the apostle Paul tells Timothy that a time is coming when Christians will develop a malady called “itching ears”. What Paul is prophesying of is a time in which Christians will not endure sound doctrine. 

In this period spoken of by the Bible, members of church will not want to hear biblical teaching but will want to hear things taught that line up with their own desires.

Notice what is driving the type of teaching: their own desires – not God’s but their own. To get teaching that lines up with their own desires requires a change in biblical doctrine since solid biblical teaching focuses on God’s will and not our own.

The Bible says that they will “heap up” these type of teachers. This is the only place in Scripture that this word is used.

Image result for images of a compost heap

Episoreuo: obtain a multitude of.

As I study this…

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