Temporary, or Eternal?

What are you living for? What are your goals, or purposes?  What is the main motivation behind what you do?  Do you ever question, or wonder “what’s it all for?”

One day you may wake up and realize that everything you’ve been living for has no true or lasting value; like you’ve been chasing an illusion, a mirage in the desert.  When you finally reach that goal or acquire that one thing that you’ve been so focused on; when you get to the “spot” that you’ve been so intent on reaching, once you grasp it… suddenly, it slips through your hands like sand, because it wasn’t what you thought it was at all.  It really didn’t turn out the way you expected or didn’t satisfy you the way you thought it would.  So, you begin chasing after the next vision, dream, or desire thinking that it’s the thing that will give your life meaning, satisfaction, or fulfillment.

To a person who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ, these words I write may have no meaning.  But, for a true believer, someone who has asked Jesus to be Lord of their life, these words will hit their mark. Because we know that there is more to life than what we see.  We know that we are not meant to live for the things of this world because the things of this world are only temporary, having no eternal value.

Jesus was born to fulfill a purpose on the earth, as we all are.  He only did what the Father told him to do.  He set the example for his followers to live by.  He left instructions for all of us to find.  But, instead of seeking Him and following his directions and example, we get caught up in the world’s way of “living” and forget that “this world” belongs to Satan (John 12:31) the enemy of God, who is constantly trying to destroy the works of God in the lives of believers by deceiving them or distracting them in subtle and mundane ways.

As I try to live one day at a time, I encounter people from every walk of life who are living life on their own terms and in their own way.  They’ve planned their whole life out, and with bucket lists in hand – they’re livin’ their dreams!
However, some are simply existing–living for the next paycheck so they can pay their bills, or perhaps to buy the new and latest gadget or item that they’ve been wanting so badly.  There are those who are planning their next vacation or get-away because it’s the only time they seem to “enjoy life”,  while some are looking forward to the next drinking party or night out, so they can get drunk and forget all their problems (for a tiny moment in time).  Others seem to constantly be looking for a new job because each one they have just isn’t satisfying their need for approval or acceptance.  Then there are those who are always looking for the next new relationship because the thrill and excitement of someone new in their life is their addiction (or sex is their addiction).  Still, some are just stuck where they are because nothing has worked so far and they’ve given up; they have no direction.

What most people don’t realize is there’s no life worth living without Christ.  There’s no joy outside the perfect will of God, and there is no lasting satisfaction in pleasing the “flesh” because chasing after the things this world has to offer only leaves us unsatisfied and longing for more.  The only thing that brings true peace and fulfillment is choosing to live your life according to the ways of God, and finding your purpose in knowing Him and making Him known.

Life on earth is short, especially when compared to eternity.
You don’t even know if you will be alive tomorrow! For all you are is a mist that appears for a little while and then disappears.”  ~  James 4:14

What we do on earth affects our eternity.
It is appointed once for man to die, after this the judgment..”  ~Hebrews 9:27

God has written the number of our days in a book and only He knows how many there are for each of us.  Sadly, we waste most of our time doing things that really don’t matter and live our lives without regard to the Truth.  We waste the time that we’ve been given, chasing after things that only satisfy the dying part of us, and missing out on the life God had planned for us before we were born.

You have decided the length of our lives.
You know how many months we will live,
and we are not given a minute longer.”    ~Job 14:5

“Your eyes could see me before I was born,
and in your book all my days were already written;
my days had been numbered before any of them existed.”   ~ Psalm 139:16

Finding satisfaction, fulfillment, joy, contentment or peace in this life and in eternity, can only be found in the One who gives us life.